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Aircraft availability rates and maintenance statistics clearly illustrate the rising costs associated with this decision.

Approaching the Point of No Return Budget pressures have also shaped the type of Air Force that now exists. Since al Qaeda did not have an air force, many firmly asserted that there was no need for an aircraft with the survivability and speed of the F-22.

Airmen learning to fly are strapping into T-38s over twice their age.

B-52s, all of which pre-date the Cuban missile crisis, are spending up to a year in depot-level maintenance.

Its aircraft average a quarter of a century in age-with many dating back to the Eisenhower Administration.

The wings of Carter-era A-10 ground attack airplanes are riddled with structural cracks.

To understand what it means in real terms, look at the Air Force.

Numerous air leaders who challenged these notions were fired or prematurely retired.Instead of prudently posturing for future successes, America’s armed forces are headed for a crash.These pressures are perhaps best illustrated within the Air Force.Unfortunately, recent defense budget decisions made by the Obama Administration and Congress illustrate that leaders are not adequately resourcing the military’s new global strategy.Between the existing reduction of 7 billion and sequestration’s additional half-trillion dollar cut, the Pentagon faces a very profound strategic turning point — one entirely different than that articulated by Secretary Panetta.

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