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A Flow lets= you post ideas, comments, email and files and anyone in your Flow can add = comments, email, files or anything else they want to share.

You can also in= vite people to view and participate in your flow (user) and you may as well= create events and such for your colleagues.=20 [Kierstin] Here is the youtube video from the site expl= aning what Shareflow is about /watch? It is an introduction video from the webs= ite that give a brief overview and tour of the site.

The site can also be used to =E2=80=9Cmeet=E2=80=9D ne= w friends and also stay in touch with others.

People use My Space as an online networking s= ystem.

Users = are able to exchange everything from simple text to photos, videos and= maps all on a live setting.

It's absolutely useless, but your friendly search engine indexed it!

You can share all sort= s of files in a way that makes it easier to communicate within a group. =20 It is one of the fastest growing social netw= orks and communities where there is a great opportunity to keep in touch wi= th family, friends and associates.

It also provides an opportunity to parti= cipate in various kinds of discussions and publish important information to= their surroundings.

A= ll uploaded information, such as pictures and messages, on the networks web= site, gives the community the right to use them in whatever purpose they ch= oose to.

Google Wave is an application that indi= viduals can use, online, to communicate and share information.

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