Accommodating autism

Editorial Policy: Autism Awareness Centre believes that education is the key to success in assisting individuals who have autism and related disorders.

Autism Awareness Centre’s mission is to ensure our extensive autism resource selection features the newest titles available in North America.

Including students with disabilities will create the opportunity for other students without disabilities to learn about different disabilities, to be fearless and to interact and becoming friends (Block & Brady, 1999).

In this paper, I will discuss the definitions of autism, its causes and characteristics. I will also talk about accommodating ASD students in GPE.

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4), “Autism is a neurobiological disorder of development that causes discrepancies or differences in the way information is processed”.

As future physical educator, if there are any students with ASD or other disorders in my school, I will want them in my GPE class.

From taking the courses Nature & Needs and Adapted Physical education at Manhattan College, IVe learned to include and accommodate all students with disabilities in the least restricted environment.

The learning and thinking differences common in autism cause confusion, frustration, and anxiety that is repetitive behaviors, and occasionally, in extreme situations by aggression and/or self-injury’ Oanzen, 2003 p. Autism is condition or syndrome that may have different causes Oanzen, 2003).

If the central nervous system develops abnormally, it can cause autism during fetal development, during birth, or after birth.

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