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Kitty wanted me to join her next foray into Internet Dating… Love, Auntie Mame of Marin I scored a parking place in front- arriving a few minutes early. He didn’t resemble any of the photos I had seen online. You posted some cool photos of your good-looking self.However, he was 6’2 and was walking towards me, smiling. You read three dozen other profiles to see what the competition is writing.Some were exciting, but most were washouts, like the one who “forgot” to bring his wallet. Recently, there was much fuss on social media about who should pay for the bill during a date. I’m not a huge fan of KKB on dates; it’s too business-like (unless that’s the kind of girl you’re going for, or you want to take things slowly); parang walang “transaction” between the two of you, and I don’t think it helps to build the relationship.It all started when an influencer tweeted about how girls shouldn’t date boys who couldn’t take them out to movies or nice dinner places. It’s nice when the girl reciprocates with dessert or coffee, but there’s no need to do that all the time. And if you’ve been going out a while, treat the guy on his birthday. — Grant, 34 offer to pay, even though I wouldn’t let her. But deep inside, all this self-confessed fashion girl really enjoys are taking long walks, sipping green tea, and reading self-help books and shampoo labels.Two other men were sitting, waiting, looking tired. It was a Classic Marin snapshot; there was the Save the Whales gal, sans makeup, Keen sandals, wearing an old REI jacket. I won’t wear Crocs, Uggs, Sweats, fanny-packs, Lanz nighties, shoulder pads, granny glasses or acid wash jeans. One must sort though dozens of photos You said you want to date someone in the Bay Area and the boys from the A-States (Arizona, Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas) are sending you winks, blinks, notes and flirts. In time, you get pretty good at sending out “Intro’s” and waiting for responses. This is your brain on Match after two years: Take a break – take a breather – try another online dating site – and remain optimistic. Posted in 50 and Single, midlife dating, Relationships, Single Men in San Francisco and tagged 50 and single, All The Single Girls, Dating 101, dating tips, Flirting tips, Send Valentines, suddenly single, Valentines Advice | Leave a comment He was one of the first to traipse through the original old dating sites (Jdate, Yahoo.date, date…) throwing his hat in the ring…crashing and burning more than kissing and scoring. The second lady was wearing flowing Eileen West pants, good jewelry, a filmy peasant blouse … And, I won’t date a guy with a proclivity for all of the above. You exchange emails – chat on the phone, text a tiny bit, and meet with a few people for coffee. There are so many Happily Every After Stories out there…keep your eyes and your heart open. He knew it was The Women’s fault – not him – they were too picky, too dull, too everything.

Auntie Mame of Marin is a funny, out-spoken-yet gracious old gal of 80.

At this stage of the game, getting anything is a treat.

So, the six of us are all ears (albeit some enhanced with tiny hearing aides).

My motto is: “Life is short – I’m not – send the tall ones my way.” My kids don’t think that’s funny either. Speed Dating at a Synagogue was a riot Fueled by Sangria and hubris, my bold sidekick, Kitty and I perched on our tin folding chairs.

We each met 15 men on that cold and foggy July night.

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