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The risk of C-section is definitely higher with induction of labor compared to spontaneous labor.

As for C-sections, they are major surgery, with increased blood loss and risk of infection. But children are not convenient or necessarily accommodating.

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If you aren’t scheduled for induction or C-section and have had an uncomplicated pregnancy, we’ll tell you to stay home, time your contractions, and come in when they are five minutes apart for an hour.

During this time at home, you can move around however is comfortable, you can eat, or you could take a shower if you want. However, if you have an induced labor, your care will be subject to hospital protocols.

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But for moms and babies who are healthy, I feel letting the body do its own thing is best for everyone.

Certain complications do increase in pregnancies beyond 41 to 42 weeks —but we are not exactly sure what exactly causes this.

So we look for a balance between letting your body go into labor naturally and making sure mother and baby stay healthy.

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